Director (Partnerships)

Delhi, India Full-time

Brief about the organization

Indus Action has a mission to enable the disadvantaged gain access to legislated rights sustainably, in India. Our first action is to create a breakthrough in inclusive education. We achieve this in collaboration with progressive state governments and a network of partner and community entrepreneurs. We are led by a world-class team and an international board.

India's Right to Education Section 12(1)(c) law mandates unaided, private schools reserve 25% of their entry grade seats to children belonging to socially or economically disadvantaged families.

Essentially, due to this law, more than 11 million families now have a choice of selecting high-quality private schools across India in the next five years.
India's Right to Education law grants free access to high-quality private schools to economically and socially disadvantaged children. However, national seat fill rate is only ~15 percent. Indus Action has till 2018, enabled 90,000 students in less than 5 years, with 84% fill rate in our areas of operation. By 2020, we aim to enrol 1 million children and are well on course to achieve the goal. By saving $1500 in tuition fees, families save 12% of their annual income. This yielded $45 million savings per every year thus far. We are able to deliver this impact at a marginal cost ($3perchild). Our cost-effective model ensures impact at 0.001% of the annual budget the government spends in implementing this policy.

To know more about our team and work please see the following documentaries:
Job Responsibilities:
Public Sector Partnerships: 

1. Engage with officials in the potential MoU states to ensure a sign
2. Identify other pathways/entry points to collaborate with state governments in new MoU
3. Improve the current version of government engagement plan by analysing the current metrics and trends for the whole
4. Critically evaluate current MoUs for maximising the shared impact of the
5. Evolve strategy to retain and improve scope of partnerships in current MoU

Strategy and Learning:

 1. Engaging in brainstorming sessions with the team to identify problems and hypothesize causes and
2. Identifying strategic initiatives for growth of the organization at scale and operationalizing strategy plan of Indus Action for three years from 2019-2021.
3. Impact evaluation of all Indus Action projects - measurement and evaluation of impact metrics across the organisation via data and analytics
4. Supporting in active cultivation and maintenance of relationships with internal and external partners/stakeholders. These would include engaging with 5. Government Relations Lead, operations lead and with the community of
6. Conducting research and literature review to draw from the best practices in strategic planning, monitoring, change management and organizational
7. Design program for implementation of new legislated right (RTX) for Indus Action via pilots in 2019. 

Private Partnerships and Fundraising

1. Working with all the internal functions of IA, gauging the requirements for the year and planning to fulfil them through private partnerships through the
2. Striking monetary or non-monetary partnerships with private firms around India and globally to assist in the mission (Examples - An SMS contract with 3. Airtel/IFFCO to target all farmers for list of the policies their family can benefit from, a notification in every local vernacular news app on RTE Section 12(1)(c) )
4. Create the fundraising strategy for the organisation keeping in mind short, medium, and long-term goals
5. Build fundraising capabilities of Partner Entrepreneurs and State
6. Work with the CEO and board members to identify and engage with prospective donors
7. Raise money domestically and globally to meet the organisational budgets
8. Manage all aspects of donor relationships including periodic reporting as per donor requirements, donor visits to our work locations,
9. Design skill-based employee engagement programs for organisations
10. Work with finance teams closely to design organisational annual budgets

Key competencies:

1. Rigour and attention to detail
2. Ability to handle a diverse team of upto 6-7 members
3. Time management, ability to keep calm during pressure situations
4. Ability to manage and influence multiple stakeholders
5. Result-driven and outcome focused-approach
6. Adaptable and flexible in working style, comfortable with ambiguity

Knowledge and technical skills:

1. Strong understanding of government systems and processes
2. Strong project management skills
3. Strong analytical (data/evidence gathering, analysis and interpretation, hypotheses framing and validation) and research capabilities
4. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills 

Education: Preference will be given to 

1. Masters in Public Policy/Public Administration/Business Administration
2. Previous government consulting, strategy consulting experience
3. Ex Teach for India, Gandhi fellows, PMRDF, Acumen, Ashoka Fellows 

Experience: 8+ years of work experience with a past experience of managing and growing 5+ team members directly preferred 

Remuneration - The Partnerships Director will be compensated benchmarked to market and bonus upside based on performance achievement of fundraising targets.